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Mike Cockrell: Please get your head out of the snow about Saddam Hussein

Apparently, we in Summit county have a new species – the alpine ostrich. As you may well know, when an ostrich is scared, or in this case doesn’t want to look at the facts, it buries its head in the sand (snow).

Apparently that’s what letter-writer Mike Cockrell has been doing since the early 1990s. He must have been absent (mentally) when Iraq invaded Kuwait to steal its oil. Maybe he missed the part about Saddam “testing” his chemical weapons on his own subjects.

Maybe he hasn’t realized that Saddam is a terrorist with the resources of an entire nation at his disposal. Perhaps he doesn’t know that Saddam keeps his own people silent with threats of executing their families in front of them.

The Iraqis don’t have the freedom to express government dissension that Mr. Cockrell is asserting. You know, maybe he is right.

We should stop picking on poor old Saddam. He probably just thinks that chemical weapons are neat. We shouldn’t single him out just because his hobbies differ from that of the sane world.

If we leave him alone, he might get bored with chemical weapons anyway. Wouldn’t you when nuclear weapons seem like so much more fun?

While we’re at it, we should stop wasting money searching for Osama bin Laden. As Mike stated in his letter, these activities will only make “the Muslim world hate us more than ever S”

That is like stating that executing a murderer will only cause the other murderers to kill more (no correlation intended between muslims and murderers).

Is President George W. Bush really doing all of this to avenge his father’s failure? As far as him declaring war, that’s not possible. Congress alone has the power to declare war.

Also, if I remember correctly, President George H. W. Bush accomplished his goal, which was to expel Saddam’s army from Kuwait.

I could go on for days, but I think that I have made my point. Mr. Cockrell, please stop putting your head in the snow every time you hear something you don’t like. Isn’t your face getting cold yet?

Maybe you should just get some rose-tinted lenses for your goggles.

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