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Mike Galvin: GOP in it for the rich

Mike Galvin

With the elections coming closer, things are heating up. I am not totally satisfied with Obama. But the president and Republican congress that preceded him drove our country into the ditch, and now those same people, the trickle-down people, want us to believe they can get the country back on track. That’s too hard to believe. Republicans don’t make jobs, and they spend money like drunken sailors, according to John McCain. How are those attributes supposed to move our country forward? What kind of economic recovery plan does Mitt have? Apparently it’s the same plan that worked so well for George Bush: give the rich a tax break and it will all be good. Has anyone heard any other plan from the Republican party, aside from removing all social programs that the poor and middle class depend on?

It’s hard to trust either party, but Obama didn’t take us to the brink of another Great Depression, he has steered us away from the tragic place our country was in at the end of the George Bush presidency. What has the conservative party ever done that has actually helped the middle class or the poor? They are only in place to benefit the rich. And many of them just don’t seem like their heart is in the right place.

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