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Mike Magliocchetti: Who hijacked Valentine’s Day?

The other day my daughter came home from school with a flyer declaring Feb. 14 as “Friendship Day.” I didn’t see anything official on this. The last time I checked, this day was Valentine’s Day in the US.

I understand that Valentine’s Day is rooted in Christian martyrdom and that some may find this offensive to celebrate this in our public schools, but my comment to them is “lighten up a little for pete’s sake!”

Valentine’s Day is a special day for love, and affection, a day when we give flowers, confectionery and greeting cards to our friends. My daughter was told to bring heart-healthy snacks to school that day like bananas, yogurt, vegetables and crackers. Heck, they should do this every day. Valentine’s Day however is a day when you eat those little heart candies that have sweet amorous greetings on them. I grew up with them, I think I turned out OK.

The teachers are now going to provide friendship cards instead of Valentine’s Day cards. At City Market, there are no Friendship Day cards. They’re all Valentine’s Day cards! Did you remember to call Hallmark and tell them to stop the presses and switch the message. We were instructed to Google Friendship Day too. I did. Friendship Day is scheduled for the first Sunday in August.

Finally, I’m worried that this re-branding of Feb. 14 is going to be an assault on our economic recovery and could slip us back into a recession. All those chocolatiers, florists and greeting card companies are going to have a big problem with this reassignment.

Look, every red blooded American I know recognizes Feb. 14 as Valentine’s Day, lets stay on track and keep it that way. It’s a great American tradition.

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