Miller: Underwear overheard, dog crap below |

Miller: Underwear overheard, dog crap below

Rachel Miller

Re: Joe Gerber’s April 10 letter to the editor, “Summit the beautiful?”

Joe Gerberbrings up the very important topic of Breckenridge’s serious problem with dog feces and other unsightly litter, which, as I have seen firsthand, ranges from beer bottles to unwrapped condoms. It truly does amaze and highly disappoint me that such a beautifully located mountain resort town would have this problem. Mr. Gerber suggests that Breckenridge’s source of litter is the town’s tourists; however, as most vacationers don’t bring their pets along with them, the dog feces is most likely local in origin. And, as Mr. Gerber stated, a great deal of cigarette butts come from the mouths of resort staff. I am more inclined to think that locals are at least as (if not more) responsible for the town’s nasty litter problem. Either way, littering – which includes not picking up after one’s pooch and carelessly tossing cigarette butts on the ground – is a despicable act which represents the epitome of laziness.

There is yet another form of litter plaguing Breckenridge that Mr. Gerber failed to mention. Anyone who has ridden the lifts is aware of the beads, underwear, and other various items that hang from the branches of adjacent trees. Personally, when I see this, it breaks my heart; not only is it unsightly, but also I cannot help but feel that it must have some negative impact on the area’s wildlife. Do birds ever fly into the beads and get tangled in them? Do elk and other grazers try to eat the lower-hanging bras and panties? I suppose it is tradition; but that does not make it OK to vandalize, and possibly endanger the wildlife of a natural area, particularly belonging to a national forest.

Rachel Miller, Breckenridge

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