Miller’s removal from Ten Mile Planning Commission is a disgrace |

Miller’s removal from Ten Mile Planning Commission is a disgrace

The recent removal of Mike Miller from the Ten Mile Planning Commission is a disgrace. My conversations with two of the county commissioners and the head of the planning department indicate this action was based on faulty and biased input.

Here are the exact reasons I was given for Mike’s removal:

n A letter from Intrawest alleging bias: Mike has always been in favor of reasonable density, adequate access and parking, routing of the Union Creek gondola over an existing road and creeks and streams having access for fishing. Is this bias or just an alternative view of the future of Copper Mountain?

n A letter from Bob Root alleging bias: Bob is the self-appointed censor of Copper Mountain. I was one of the homeowner representatives on the defunct Copper Mountain Community Company Committee. Bob didn’t like my final report to the presidents of the homeowners associations, so he made sure my nomination for the Property Owners and Lessees Association board was crushed. Consequently, the slate of candidates was equal to the number of seats. Bob makes sure that dissent will never have an official voice and democracy will never rear its ugly head at Copper.

n A threat by Mike Miller: Mike is the resident manager of the Snowflake Condominiums. Despite constant pleadings by Mike to the lodging department of Intrawest, it continued to tell its renters it was acceptable to leave cars in the Snowflake lot after checkout, eliminating parking for those checking in. This problem is the result of the county and Intrawest failing to enforce the current PUD language on Snowflake’s required overflow parking in the Wheeler lot. 

Mike threatened to either have the illegally parked cars towed or have them immobilized by deflating tires. Obviously, this made the housing department of Intrawest quiver in fear. Regardless, did this have anything to do with Mike’s position on the planning commission?

n A derogatory remark by Mike about attorneys. At a recent meeting, the attorney for Intrawest objected to a point and the meeting discipline broke down with people talking over each other. During this, Mike was heard to say “frickin'” attorneys. It is unfortunate that Mike expressed the opinion of probably 99.9 percent of county residents (the other .1 percent being attorneys). All my attorney friends found this humorous and said they would be glad if that was the only name they were called. At most, an apology was in order, not removal.

The removal of a critic of some aspects of Intrawest’s plans for Copper while allowing members with extensive favorable business dealings with Intrawest to remain puts a cloud of impropriety on the proceedings. The legitimacy and legality of any approval of Intrawest’s Comprehensive Development Strategy are jeopardized by the county commissioners’ actions.

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