Minimize polarity by following the constitution |

Minimize polarity by following the constitution

Even the most politically apathetic among us must be aware the war in Iraq has polarized America. Approximately 55 percent support the effort, while 40 percent don’t support the war and want troops returned home immediately. We’re familiar with the arguments for and against the war, so it isn’t necessary to catalog them here. However, there is one critical point that has yet to be mentioned. It is worth considering, as Iran feeds insurgents into Iraq and North Korea continues to percolate as a nuclear threat.America could minimize divisive polemics if we would only follow the constitution the next time we go to war. The constitution clearly and unequivocally states that Congress shall have power to declare war. In their inspired wisdom, the founding fathers granted war declaration authority to the congress to prevent the president from “impoverishing their people in wars.”The president, however, is to be commander in chief. The founding fathers knew a committee couldn’t fight a war. (Kerry’s predilection toward taking three sides of an issue may rule him out as a committee of one.)The idea was that Congress, representing the will of the people, would declare war, give the president a mandate to fulfill, guaranteeing him the funds to fulfill the task. Following the constitution in this way would allow the people, through Congress, to decide if the war on terror should begin and end in Afghanistan, or continue on to Iraq, Iran and Korea. It would also make it difficult, for example, for a senator to try to have it both ways by voting for the war, but voting against the funding. The last time the constitution was followed when declaring war was World War II. Do a Google search for the formal declaration given to FDR – it’s a perfect example of how war should be declared and won.By the way, for the 55 percent of us who support the troops in Iraq, go to where you can adopt a soldier who will appreciate your support.

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