Minturn private ski resort vote ‘likely’ this week |

Minturn private ski resort vote ‘likely’ this week

Steve Lynn
eagle county correspondent

MINTURN ” A vote on whether to expand the boundaries of Minturn to include

the land where a developer wants to build a private ski resort may take

place Wednesday night.

A vote on whether to annex the Ginn Development Co.’s property into Minturn

will “likely” take place Wednesday night, Town Councilman Tom Sullivan said.

“It all just depends on what transpires in the next little bit,” Sullivan

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said. “There’s a lot of stuff that has to get sorted out.”

Town councilors have said they wanted to vote on the annexation before an

April election. Ginn wants to build 1,700 homes and condominiums and a

private ski resort and golf course on and around Battle Mountain, south of


If the vote takes place Wednesday night and the annexation is approved, town

councilors will have to vote again to make the decision final, said Gary

Suiter, Minturn’s Interim Town Manager.

The second vote could come after as early as Feb. 27, Suiter said.

Suiter cannot recall ever having seen a town councilor switch their vote the

second time they vote, he said. Suiter has been a town manager for ski

resort towns such as Telluride, Snowmass Village and Jackson, Wyo., and has

seen similar votes on large proposals.

“Usually they’re pretty consistent,” he said about council votes. “That’s

not to say there couldn’t be a first time. We’ll just have to wait and see

how it plays out.”

Town Councilman George Brodin said he was not sure that councilors would

vote to approve the annexation.

“I would sure hate to have to start over,” he said about the annexation

hearings that councilors have sat through for about two years.

A vote was planned for Feb. 13, but town councilors pushed back the date to

this week.

“We want to make sure it’s a good deal for the town,” Sullivan said about

Ginn’s plan.

Bill Burnett has not been able to attend the last few meetings due to an

illness, and he does not think he will attend Wednesday’s meeting, he said.

Burnett’s absence makes a 3-3 tie between the Town Council a possibility. A

tie would deny the annexation.

At the very least, Suiter said town councilors may discuss or vote on a

series of resolutions that approve parts of Ginn’s proposal, such as its

environmental plan.

The resolutions are required by law, but are not legally binding unlike the

ordinances, which, if approved, would let Ginn proceed with its plans,

Suiter said.

If the ordinances are approved, the only other vote on Ginn could be a

referendum of Minturn voters, but only if Minturn residents submit a

petition with signatures to the town, he said.

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Minturn town councilors may vote on whether to annex land for a private ski

resort into the town of Minturn sometime after 7 p.m. at Minturn Town

Center, 302 Pine St.

Four Minturn Town Council seats ‹ including the mayor’s ‹ will be up for

grabs in the April election.

Town Councilman Tom Sullivan said he will not run again. Considering runs

for reelection are Mayor Gordon “Hawkeye” Flaherty and Town Councilman Jerry


Town Councilman George Brodin, whose seat also will be up for grabs, said he

will run for reelection. Brodin said he will not run for mayor, as he did in

2006 when Flaherty beat him by three votes.

Brodin has lived in Minturn about 26 years and has served one four-year term

as a town councilor. Experience makes him a good choice, he said.

Flaherty and Bumgarner were unavailable for comment Monday afternoon, but

both men have said they were thinking about running for reelection.

Minturn does not have term limits.

At least two Minturn residents, Robert Martinez and David Clapp, have said

they are considering bids.

Minturn residents must turn in petitions to run for Town Council by March