Moffat County schools begin review of proposed Bible class |

Moffat County schools begin review of proposed Bible class

CRAIG – A woman trying to add an elective course on the Bible at Moffat County High School has collected 866 signatures of support.Deborah Powell and Phil Bethell presented the proposal to the school board Tuesday, launching a process for district officials to review the idea.Assistant Superintendent Joel Sheridan said any decision likely would not come for a year.The proposed class, “The Bible in History and Literature,” would follow a curriculum distributed by the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, which said on its Web site that 382 school districts in 37 states have voted in its curriculum.Steamboat Springs school officials last year rejected a similar proposal based on the same curriculum.Moffat County High School senior Catherine Compton was among 116 students signing Powell’s Bible class petition.”(Christianity) is what our country is based on,” Compton said. “And it’s gone away from that, and I think that we need to get back to it.”One class at the school already includes Bible excerpts. Susan Whinery’s senior honors English course teaches the Book of Job, First Samuel and the Book of Ruth.Whinery said that in 20 years, one parent has refused to have her child complete an assignment. Teaching the course can be tricky, she said.”What it’s meant to do is look at the power of the literature,” Whinery said. But, “you can’t not talk about the faith aspect because that’s what the Bible is.”Bob Grubb, who attended the meeting, said he supports teaching the Bible as literature, but theological messages worry him.”As far as I’m concerned, that belongs in my church,” Grubb said.

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