Mom to abandon weeks-long search for missing son |

Mom to abandon weeks-long search for missing son

The Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY – A Colorado woman whose 25-year-old son disappeared after stepping off an Amtrak train in Salt Lake City says she must leave Utah after nine weeks of searching for him.

Cindy Putnam tells KTVX-TV she’ll be homeless if she doesn’t abandon her search for Robin Putnam and return to work.

The young man was suffering from panic attacks before boarding a train en route home from art school in California to Grand Junction, Co. His identification, laptop, journal and other belongings arrived in Colorado, but he didn’t.

His parents have spent more than $10,000 traveling to and from Utah looking for their son after receiving tips by people who think they spotted him.

She is fearful after one report noted he appeared to be starving.

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