Monique Van Dezor: Talent vs. passion

Monique Van Dezor

The right side of your brain controls the opposite side of your body as well as your non-spatial and nonverbal concepts. While the left half of the brain controls the right side of the body with dominance in language and calculation skill. According to those definitions, a right brain dominate individual would shine in artistic qualities and the left brain dominate individual wields dominance in logistics. The dominant side, to an extent, would illustrate the individual’s talents in accordance with the results of the test being either highly artistic or highly logical. Once you identify with either one or the other, why should you struggle against your identified talent?

Talent acts as a comfort zone, a safety blanket composed of excuses. In example, a right-brain dominated individual may form a thought along the lines of: “I have never been good at math, but I am an excellent artist therefore it is OK to be bad at math.” To elaborate, talent poses the final hurdle to overcome in one’s path of intellectual development. Students are advised to become well-rounded, to challenge their natural talents and push ahead with something more. This something more requires action and not passive talent. Yet, once a talent within an individual becomes evident, it would appear to be a waste of time to try and cultivate the opposite side of the spectrum because your talent weighs more importantly in comparison to the concepts which do not come easily to the individual in question. But what if the individual believed in something which cannot be expressed through their natural talents? Why should that individual struggle against their talent by attempting to make progress in a non-talented area?

The answer: passion. Passion leads one down a road not often traveled. For it pushes the individual to new limits, stretching the imagination and causing the individual to overcome frustration and mental blocks to arrive at his or her goal. Captivating that emotion within experience does not exist when one uses talent, for talent is the depiction of easy in the world of skills. Passion requires the individual to work night and day to make the slightest progress. Often, sheer determination caused by passion drives the individual.

This sense of overcoming a hurdle instills a sense of beauty, of having arrived at a point where you can truly say, “I know this, I gained this empirical knowledge with my own two hands.” Through challenging the opposite of your talents, with passion, a sense of determination ensues and engulfs your body – be it to prove someone wrong, or to achieve something you thought impossible. Determination as established through your passion exists as the purpose of deviating from natural talent and attempting to leave behind the safety blanket of excuses. Once you arrive at the point of impossible, thank passion; passion who fought against talent and won. For passion is the variable, the chance, unlike talent which is the shortcut

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