Moore: Abortion should be left up to individual |

Moore: Abortion should be left up to individual

Clayton Moore

Re. “137 abortions per hour every hour” by Jeanne Seager, letters, Sept. 4

If abortions were to be outlawed nationwide, such as what Romney would like to put into legislation, we would be adding more than 1.2 million children to the U.S. annually (according to your numbers of 3,300 abortions per day nationwide). These children would be born to parents/parent that are clearly not prepared to take on the responsibility of a child. I would ask you who is going to take on this burden of financially caring for these children? We are already behind the 8 ball as it is when it comes to welfare and other forms of government assistance. Or would you propose another tax for such legislation to be enacted and sustained? Furthermore, what kind of upbringing will these children have? They will learn that they can live off of the government on someone else’s dime, furthering the problem of our current situation. While I disagree with Obama on just about every political issue, this is one that I feel should be left up to the individual. There is no way we as taxpayers can handle the additional burden of adding the amount of people that live in Dallas to our economy annually with no additional taxes paid in. Look at this from an accounting standpoint, we as a country should do that a little more often …