More Bush lies on war |

More Bush lies on war

Jerry BirdFrisco

The supreme arrogance, lies, obfuscations and viciousness of the Bush-led Republican party continues. You would think a party that has divided this country and pushed her to the edge of world war would start to learn the meaning of humility, honesty and integrity.The latest, the so called troop surge of 21,000 more troops will be more like 35 to 48,000 troops. He “negelected” to mention the support troops needed for this increase. The Congressional Budget Office will expose this “omission” to Congress.This as well as the news from the Libby trial, hearings on scientists being censored in their reports on global warming, the Iraqi police barracks construction farce, and so much more makes me quake when the thought of an Iran invasion comes from Bush’s lying lips. It is estimated an invasion of Iran will raise the price of gas to around $6 a gallon. That will be great for the country, let alone Summit County’s blue-collar workers.It is becoming painfully clear to me and others what the administrations plans are for this Iraqi war: to tread water as 100 of our beloved troops die a month. Tread water until Bush and his slime machine goad the Democrats into doing the only thing they can do to stop this war – cut the funding. When this happens the cries and sighs of relief will come from the right, “We were winning this war with the surge and the Dems cut and run.” This will let bush and his cohorts off the hook and make the dems scapegoats, save the day for the Republicans for 2008 and make this war the Democrats’. Bush knows this war is lost as do most. He is just out to save his irreperable tarnished legacy at any price. Pathetic.

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