More warning needed on Hoosier Pass closure |

More warning needed on Hoosier Pass closure

Yes, I understand the need to make this pass safer by doing construction. Yes, I understand the scope of this project and that closing the pass allows the project to be finished sooner than if the pass wasn’t closed.My problems with this issue are: 1) CDOT forewarned commuters more than six months ago and then reminded us two weeks ago. Hmmm … if most businesses warned customers six months ago that they were closing for a month, and then said nothing until two weeks prior to the closure, would they lose customers and money? Not even government agencies are allowed to give this kind of “forewarning.”2) Town meetings were held (once). I certainly don’t remember seeing any notice of town meetings. Were they advertised? Where, in what, and how many times? Were any flyer reminders sent to residents via mail? Were any flyers sent out to residents of Park County and/or business of both Park County and Summit County reminding commuters of the closure?3) On the South side of Hoosier, there is an electronic “warning” sign to give short messages about the roadway. I drive the pass twice a day, Monday through Friday. Not until today, June 8, was there a message on this board. For the last week it has been blank. Why not advertise the town meetings on this board? Why not start reminding people of the closure a month or more ago using this board? Easy solution. Oh, yeah, put the message board that was on the north side of Hoosier in Blue River back. I miss it.4) I’m a native of Glenwood Springs. As I recall, during the 20 years they were making Glenwood Canyon four lanes, there was never, ever a time when the canyon closed completely. There were long stops (two hours), but not complete closure. Also, when blasting was closing the canyon for longer than 45 minutes, signs along the road warned drivers for miles before the canyon so if someone needed or wanted to take an alternate route they could.I’m not going to be affected by the closure as I work 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday; unless, that is, one of my kids has an emergency … but Salida is not very far from Fairplay, so I’m not real worried about that. I just have a problem with the organizers trying to push their lack of preparation on to the tax-payers and commuters.There was hardly any publicity regarding this closure … that is not the commuters responsibility nor fault. That’s all, CDOT.

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