Mort Kraus: Pass prices going up? |

Mort Kraus: Pass prices going up?

Mort Kraus

Shame on Vail Resorts and the Summit Daily. The article is obviously a plant by Vail Resorts to prepare locals for a hike in season pass prices. Considering that the so-called “deep discounts” have apparently carried Vail Resorts for two years, that is an affront to pass holders. There was no mention of the deep increases in past years and a lot of talk about products not people. I think Mr. Katz has lost his connection to the mountains and the people who live in them, and the Summit Daily has become his facilitator. The most startling aspect of the article is that, in simple terms, Katz is saying when the other elements of the business (i.e. real estate and lodging) start making money again, they will raise the prices of the on-mountain activities which have kept them above water.

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