Mossman band comes together for Snake show |

Mossman band comes together for Snake show

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Moss Man

KEYSTONE – John Ware, drummer and founder of Mossman, calls the band’s music “engaging recklessness.”Not quite rockabilly and not quite blues, Ware says Mossman’s sound is somewhere in the middle.

Ware, also a filmmaker, had used musicians Gerry Moss (guitar), Paul Hughes (guitar) and Jerry Bone (bass) independently for soundtracks for his films. He brought them all to play together in Santa Fe in 2002.”They’re so different from each other, especially Paul and Gerry Moss. I imagined they’d either be just great or just awful. They have a totally different style of play,” Ware said.

He said Gerry Moss is a slide blues player and Hughes has a jazz background. Bone, bass player and songwriter in his mid-50s, has been applying his craft his whole adult life, Ware said.Since the band members all live in different places, they rarely see each other, but have made a commitment to drop whatever they are doing and play together a few times a year.

Mossman brings its American roots music to the Snake River Saloon today, Friday and Saturday.