Mountain Standard Time returns to three20south Saturday |

Mountain Standard Time returns to three20south Saturday

Interview by Erica Marciniec
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Special to the Daily/Tobin VoggesserThe Nederland-based band, Mountain Standard Time, comes to three20south on Saturday. The band calls its style 'freegrass.' Doors open at 9 p.m. and the beer is free from 9-10 p.m. while supplies last.

Mountain Standard Time returns to three20south in Breckenridge for an Oktoberfest show on Saturday. Here, guitar/mandolin player and vocalist Nick Dunbar gives the scoop on the band:

Some tunes are focused toward an Americana/folk sound, where others lend themselves to progressive rock and fusion. It definitely changes from song to song. That being said, nine times out of 10 we use bluegrass as a foundation to build our ideas off of. Lately we’ve been calling it “freegrass.”

I’d like to think our songs have an ability to touch and inspire people through our lyrics, compositions, improvisations and energy within a live setting. The eclectic sounds and styles of music typically produce an engaged listener. Our goal on any given night is that there’s something for everyone – from slower tunes that will make you dance with heart-filled and honest lyrics, to a huge arsenal of high-energy compositions. Occasionally we sprinkle a few unique covers throughout a night, to keep people guessing.

We aim to make every show a musical journey for the listener, full of composed arrangements, as well as improvisational sections. Every time you see us it will be different. Whether it’s hearing different tunes or an improv section jammed a different way, we always try to keep people on their toes and dancing. Three20south will be a great show. We have been practicing like crazy over the past six months, so we are extremely excited to unleash some of the new material, and revisit some of our older tunes as well. We’re also super excited to introduce everybody to our new members – Ryan Ebarb (keys) and Otis Lande (bass).

Mutt, due to natural selection. Mutts often redeem the strongest characteristics from all the breeds that they have in them. Although they are often unorthodox, or different looking, in my experience they have more personality than purebreds. So that’s us in a nutshell – original, different, unorthodox, but with a whole lot of personality!

Mountain Standard Time is absolutely our main focus. However, some of us have other groups we frequently sit in with – Ryan Ebarb: Oak Creek and Fox Street Allstars; Stanton Sutton: Malai Llama; Nick Dunbar: Mile Markers and Trout Steak Revival; Otis Lande: Power Lung Rangers, Smack Thompson and Rouge Sound.

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The state of bluegrass today has exploded. True authentic bluegrass to me is music that is played with no pickups, no effects and no amplifiers – just a few microphones and some lonesome harmonies. We have taken this traditional bluegrass and have morphed it into something we’ve been calling “freegrass”. It’s less constricting than real bluegrass. All of our songs can be broken down and played on acoustic instruments in a traditional bluegrass fashion, but in the live setting we bring much more diversity to the tunes. We love picking bluegrass music and singing old tunes that have been being played at bluegrass jams forever, and we’ll never forget what an influence that style of music has been to us. Not only on our music, but on our lifestyle. We love picking, even after playing a three-hour show you might be able to find us picking early into the morning at some cheap Motel 6 or in a friend’s basement.

Doors open at 9 p.m. Saturday and there’s free beer from 9-10 p.m. while supplies last. Oak Creek opens the evening. Tickets are $5 in advance and $8 the day of show. Info: