Mr. Wilner should apologize |

Mr. Wilner should apologize

I am greatly angered by Mr. Wilner’s so called apology letter to the community. I do not know Mr. Wilner or any of the people involved, but the letter seems to be a thinly veiled attempt to somehow discredit the Summit County School District and to blame everyone but himself for the results of his actions. The attitude of his letter suggests that the responsibilty for getting caught and getting in trouble lies with everyone from the friends who were too drunk to give him a ride home, to the police for showing up, to the collusion between the school district and the police, to Ms. Texera for selecting pieces that called for Mr. Wilner to be the featured soloist, to the principal and vice principal and the superintendent of schools. Mr. Wilner seems only to be sorry for getting caught, not for breaking the law. What Mr. Wilner seems to fail to realize is that underage drinking is against the law regardless of whether he “was not drunk” or admirable enough not to drive with any alcohol in his system. Prevailing public opinion is that the problems with today’s youth stem from children not being made to face the consequences of their actions. I applaud Mr. Jim Hesse and Mr. Drew Adkins as well as Dr. Millie Hamner for refusing to back down. Mr Wilner signed a contract stating he would not commit any infractions leading up to or during the trip to Europe. Those rules were put in place precisely because by committing these infractions, not only would Mr. Wilner be putting himself at risk, but also the entire trip and the members of the SHS band. (which is exactly what happened.) What message would Dr Millie Hamner have sent had she not remained committed to the consequences of breaking that contract? I am 100 percent behind her decision not to send the message that it is OK for star saxophonists to break the rules, but not OK for anyone else. What Mr. Wilner needs to realize is that he and only he is responsible for making the decision to break a school district policy, to break a state law, and for single single-handedly letting down his parents, the other SHS band members, their families, the teachers, Ms. Texera, and the entire Summit County High School. Perhaps if he is worried about the loss of money incurred by the families of the band members, and the tax payer’s dollars, he should be made to pay everyone back. I, for one, would like to see a genuine apology from this young man.

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