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"Mrs. Kravitz’ slammed for suggesting speeding drivers hurrying to see Oprah

Susan Ferguson Roberts ,sometimes driving 26 or 27 mph through town, Breckenridge

This is in response to Cindi Harris-Krane’s March 20 letter titled “Speed limits are a figment of the imagination in Breckenridge.”

Ms. Krane, or perhaps we should we call her “Gladys Kravitz” as our token nosy neighbor: I resent the fact you believe the local people in Breckenridge would only need to get home for an emergency episode of “Oprah” and would not have another legitimate reason for wanting to be out of the irritating traffic patterns of our fair town. 

What about those of us who need to get home to work? Some of us actually work in our of town. It seems that you are assuming we are all retired and are only focused on TV. What about folks with kids at home, parents, loved ones, etc.? Perhaps we have been to City Market that day and were forced to wait behind the fleet of Suburbans dropping folks off for a few things after a grueling day on the green runs? These license plates are obviously not local.

Maybe our patience is running thin by the amount of time it takes to get from one end town to the other as we sit behind countless window shoppers and some yahoo looking for the place to pick up the keys to his rental unit.

Ms. Krane, I am highly impressed by your astute powers of observation and the ability to judge the speed of a moving automobile by standing on the sidewalk. Your patience also is a virtue, as I know of no one else with the tenacity to observe license plates for five years.

May I suggest you pay close attention to the “volunteer opportunities” listed in the Summit Daily News each Monday on the Backyard page, as obviously, you need something to keep you occupied rather than playing rent-a-cop in your spare time.

If volunteerism doesn’t fulfill you, then I invite you up to our place on Royal Tiger to judge the daily automobile “big air” competition on our speed bump. Perhaps you can advise if I should be angry with my neighbors for their offensive behavior or just blame it on tourists. 

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