Munoz: Sell your home if Summit property taxes too high |

Munoz: Sell your home if Summit property taxes too high

Cesar Munoz

Re: “Education costs for ELL students in Summit County,” by Courtney Dones, letters, Dec. 3

If higher property taxes in Summit Co. become intolerable, Ms. Dones, sell your home in Silverthorne to someone who wants to be here because “it’s awesome” and therefore believes it’s worth the extra taxes. Moreover, between your two domiciles, Arizona is much better at NOT “hosting illegal immigration” – thanks to SB1070.

Also, if you don’t like “subsidizing immigrant workers” (i.e., you don’t want them here), you will still end up paying, paying more for services and products kept low thus far, by cheap immigrant labor. However, if Summit Co. does, in fact, “pour” money into subsidizing immigrant workers, maybe the county realizes what many economists have discovered through VALID research on a macro level, i.e., “liberalising migration could deliver a huge boost to global output.” (Border follies” The Economist: Nov. 17, 2012) Also, from the same article: In a survey of fiscal studies Sari Pekkala Kerr of Wellesley College and William Kerr of Harvard University find that immigrants may sometimes use social services more intensely than natives. Yet it is hard to argue that immigrants are a systematic drain on the public purse.

Finally, I find your rhetoric curious: “Hire locally,” “Rent locally,” “Give locally,” “Teach locally.” What is a “local” in such a transient community as ours?

Anyone except foreign born? I guess you take Summit County’s moniker as “Colorado’s Playground” too literally. Most immigrants come to the mountain resorts to work, not to play in the “awesome” mountains; and that’s why they will remain longer than “two years” and much longer than the young “locals” for whom “awesome” will pale as they leave in search of the next “awesome” while the same immigrants will be making the same beds and washing the same dishes, over and over, again and again.

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