Murfin: A Post series put in perspective |

Murfin: A Post series put in perspective

Bob Murfin, Breckenridge

The Summit Daily News recently published a Denver Post “investigative” series concerning aspects of Colorado ski area operations. From the perspective of a part-time ski resort employee and near daily patron of Colorado ski areas, the reporting was remarkably under-informed and disjointed. Then the series just petered out, absent even the suggestion of practical answers for questions raised, while unhappily trailing several faint whiffs of innuendo.

Fortunately, the Denver Post published a follow-up editorial (“Slippery Slope of Skier Safety” March 31) cogently summarizing issues and clearly suggesting where, in the Post’s opinion, action might or might not be appropriate. The series could surely have benefited from such informed and considered editorial oversight prior to publishing, but that ship has sailed.

One wonders whether the SDN might publish the DP editorial to complete the series for its readers, or maybe even offer views of its own concerning Summit County’s major industry?

Bob Murfin, Breckenridge

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