Muriel Sharp: A socialist situation |

Muriel Sharp: A socialist situation

Muriel Sharp

Republicans are calling President Obama a Socialist. So what do you call our current health insurance scheme? Our rates increase annually and do so based on the number of claims and the cost of doing business in any particular area. So essentially myself and you, who are paying customers of health insurance, are paying for those who don’t have any and for people who are making a lot of claims annually. That certainly does not reward people for staying healthy, as it is done in the car insurance business. The cost is being spread around. It’s the Robin Hood principle of taking from those who can afford it and making health care available to those who can’t. So what’s the difference if health care is paid for universally from taxes? There are taxpayers that cannot afford insurance, so currently it is people that are taxpayer and buying insurance who are footing the bill for everyone else. It seems like Obama is at least trying to make a “socialist” situation fair.

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