My ski season’s over |

My ski season’s over

Timothy PhillipsGeorgetown

I found your front page article, “Ambulance ride cost on the rise,” very timely (SDN Dec. 13). Last Saturday, my ski season came to an abrupt halt, literally. That’s what happens when one hits a tree at a high rate of speed. The first thought to go through my head was, well, Tim you just destroyed your knee. My second thought was to have my wife Nicky call our friend, Kate, a PA at Vail/Summit Orthopedics. I’d like to thank Dave and Aaron with Loveland Ski Patrol. Dave for the toboggan ride and Aaron for sharing with me about his own patella fracture, and also for getting the IV in on the first attempt. I’d also like to thank Craig Abrahamson EMT-P with Clear Creek EMS for the ambulance ride and the pain medications. Unfortunately, I can’t thank the emergency room doctor who was on duty Saturday at the new hospital near Frisco. For some reason, she thought it best to send me to Denver, though I requested to be taken to Summit Medical. This is a 55-mile trip, as opposed to a 15-mile trip to Summit Medical. The cost difference is $680. This also delayed me seeing a doctor with Vail/Summit Orthopedics for two days. After a long detour, I’m happy to say that I’m scheduled for surgery at Summit Medical this week with Dr. Peter Janes, and my friend Kate will be assisting. If any of my friends in Summit County read this, say some extra prayers for a speedy recovery. I hope to be back on the slopes this spring.

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