Myra Eby: Frisco ballot misguided |

Myra Eby: Frisco ballot misguided

Myra Eby

Don Cacace is right about one thing: Frisco voters will do the right thing ” and vote NO on this misguided ballot measure. Don is trying to tell us that he’s taking the high road. Why? Because he has no rebuttal to any of the real issues. His partner, Susan Spenser, acknowledging the open space argument didn’t work, recently introduced herself at a council meeting as a “Friend of Frisco,” losing the “Open Space” designation. Don can’t rebut that the council and community has done a great job on a multi-year, transparent public process in the development of the Peak One Master plan, which resulted in as close to a consensus as is possible in a democratic process. He can’t rebut that he didn’t vote for the current council. He can’t rebut that he lives adjacent to the Peak One parcel. He can’t rebut that the vast majority of funding for his group comes from second-home owners who live in Mountain Side. He can’t rebut that this is a clear case of NIMBYism. Do you really believe that a public vote will improve the negotiation power of the town with potential affordable housing developers? I believe it will only drive them away.

I can tell you from my experience of owning and growing a business in Frisco that it posed huge housing challenges for my 29 employees. Most of them lived in apartments with multiple roommates, and the rest had to commute from Leadville, Fairplay, and even as far as Georgetown. One of the reasons I moved my company from Frisco to the Front Range was a diminishing pool of workers, driven greatly by the lack of decent, affordable housing.

Don can posture about taking the high road, but, if you haven’t yet voted, please look on the town’s website and look at what your elected representatives have done on this issue. They took the high road and should be commended. Support the democratic process, support your elected officials, and support our locals by voting NO.