Myra Eby: Vote ‘no’ on unnecessary amendment |

Myra Eby: Vote ‘no’ on unnecessary amendment

I’m confused. Don Cacace wants us to believe that requiring a vote on land use issues will lead to comprise and consensus. When was the last time you saw a vote allow for consensus building? Have you read the Frisco ballot language? It’s not a compromise, it’s a black-and-white document asking you to say yea or nay. Fifty-percent plus one creates a winner-take-all situation.

Look at what you’re being asked to vote on: the right to vote on the development of the Peak One parcel. Don’s argument is that requiring this vote will force Frisco to conduct a public process to identify the appropriate development for the Peak One parcel ” am I wrong here? Let’s assume I’m not. I would then ask anyone contemplating voting yes on this measure to do a few minutes of factual research. Frisco has spent over two years and $100,000 conducting a public process to develop a compromised development plan for the Peak One parcel. The town began with a plan calling for about 150 units. The final plans for the parcel call for between 50-75 units. There is a park. There is a buffer between the Mountain Side development and the new development. There is a minimum of 30 percent open space required. Maintaining accesses between the existing neighborhoods and the bike path and national forest is required.

I’m not sure what exactly we’d be asking our elected officials to do if we vote yes on this measure. Spend another $100,000 on more public process? If Mr. Cacace is really supporting the right to vote and he supports affordable housing (as he has stated), then he should vote NO on his misguided charter amendment. I ask each of you who may not have realized the substantial time and money Frisco has spent developing a compromised master plan for the Peak One parcel to spend a few minutes on the town’s website to really understand what has occurred over the last few years. Once you do, I’m sure you will come to the same conclusion I did ” to vote NO on this proposed charter amendment. Our elected officials have done what we asked them to do: improve the public process and be more transparent. They have and we should honor them for that work. Join me in voting NO on this unnecessary amendment.

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