The Blue River in Silverthorne, CO |

The Blue River in Silverthorne, CO

The Blue River is considered the essence of Silverthorne, weaving and winding its way through this beautiful town. Silverthorne's "Gold Medal" River which is a part of the Blue River, is a great spot for angling opportunities. The Colorado Wildlife Commission has dedicated the "Gold Medal," waters as a designated spot for large trout and anglers are welcome. Designations aren't given away so easily and only the best aquatic habitats in Colorado are given this gold medal.

With over 9,000 miles of trout stream, it's always a good idea to know your conditions. Reports and conditions can be checked upon to let you know what to expect. Not only is trout popular at the Blue River but biking the Blue is another activity that the whole family can enjoy. There are biking trails all over as well as available parking and bridges you'll come across that guide you over the powerful Blue river. Along these bridges will even be shopping where you can grab a new pair of sunglasses to take on your favorite trails. One can only assume that anything along the river is the perfect spot to snap some photos. While you're camera is already out, keep your eye open for all of the birds.

Bird watching along the Blue River is a great way to spend the afternoon and get to know your fellow birds. With a variety of common birds ranging in size and color, bird watching along the blue can quickly become a new hobby. Learn to spot your favorite bird anywhere and brag to your friends about all the facts you know about it.

The Blue River is a beautiful flow of water that crosses so many paths. Make sure you're on them this summer.