Nancy Cook: More I-70 solutions |

Nancy Cook: More I-70 solutions

Nancy Cook

I would just like to throw out an idea for reader feedback about our current Sunday eastbound traffic problem in the I-70 corridor. The movable barriers to create zipper lanes, published last week, was an interesting idea. As a stand-alone Sunday solution, I think it would be insufficient, but what if we start looking at ways to combine solutions? I was wondering about combining something like the zipper lane with an incentive program for Front Range visitors. As we locals all know, business swells up here on weekends, with visitors coming up at various times on Friday and Saturday. But the vast majority leaves at about the same time on Sunday afternoon, and bang, there’s that gridlock right around Georgetown. What if local restaurants and hotels were able to offer and market a “stay Sunday” countywide incentive in the way of lodging and meal deals? For the weekend visitor who can swing a little Monday flex time at the office (facilitating a late arrival to work on Monday), or the Front Range visitor who is an early riser, and can get to work in metro Denver right from here in a couple of hours, it might be a win/win … the visitor gets another (discounted) night in the mountains, the hotel and/or restaurant gets another customer they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten, and the visitor spends Sunday evening enjoying a good meal, and another nice night’s rest, rather than sitting in traffic for four hours. This could also be effective in the summer months, maybe even more so.

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