Nancy Stone: Remembering your sacrifices on Memorial Day |

Nancy Stone: Remembering your sacrifices on Memorial Day

In a few days we will be recognizing Memorial Day/Weekend. I don’t have plans for any festivities. No big parties, no weekend getaway and no excuse to binge drink. I do, however, have a very simple goal. I plan to spend this weekend recognizing all of the little things I take for granted. I want to be more aware of what my life might be like without the privileges I have as an American. I want to remember those who sacrificed their lives as well as those who were willing to sacrifice their lives for these luxuries in my life.

I want to wake up in the morning and be thankful for a good night’s rest, knowing that my back yard wasn’t the front line. Thank you.

I want to open up my refrigerator and be thankful for the vast selection of food I can choose from when I consider my options for lunch. Thank you.

I want to go to my office, aware that I was able to choose a career I love, knowing that those in other countries aren’t given a choice of occupation. Thank you.

I want to go to church on Sunday and praise God in the name of Jesus Christ. I will be aware that others in foreign lands are not allowed this opportunity. Thank you.

I will spend this weekend remembering those who have sacrificed their lives, so I can enjoy the abundance of privileges this country still offers. My heart aches for the ultimate price you paid for me. May your souls feel my gratitude. To those who have served and those who are currently serving in our armed forces: Thank you for your selfless sacrifices.

Some of you did not get to come home at all … I will not forget the price you paid for my freedom and the freedom of others. Some of you left parts of your soul, mind, and limbs behind … I am indebted to you for the remainder of my life. Thank you. Many of you returned to hostile circumstances … Please forgive our ignorance.

You fought for my freedom, yet you don’t know who I am. Are there words to properly thank you? I don’t know. What I do know is a freedom that others in this world will never know. Opportunities in abundance are mine if I choose to work for them. Your efforts have insured that philosophy. Thank you. I pray for you; peace, serenity and that His grace be upon you. Whether you did or not, you were willing to die for my freedom and all of the privileges that come with it, and I thank you.

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