Nearpass-Pollack: The Peak School teaches to the whole child |

Nearpass-Pollack: The Peak School teaches to the whole child

Kim Nearpass-Pollack, Frisco

Character development has been one of the best aspects of my son’s experience at The Peak School, which emphasizes teaching to the “whole child.” Because the students are active participants in their education, they feel more connected to what they are learning. This ownership leads to more creativity and more chances to express themselves in the classroom. There are numerous leadership opportunities including leading the all school forum, heading up a committee for a school event and being a part of the discipline and admissions process, to name a few.

Being a part of the discipline process has been one of the best examples of how The Peak School empowers its students, and has had a big impact on our son. He is reminded on a daily basis that what one student chooses, affects the school as a whole. At Peak, it is everyone’s responsibility to nurture and support each other to make the best choices. Because of the small class sizes, the teachers have the ability to guide and impact students with strong character-development programs that will make a great impact on all of the students’ lives for years to come.

The Peak School experience has exceeded our expectations, not only academically, but more importantly, in terms of personal development. We feel very fortunate that we have this option in Summit County.

Kim Nearpass-Pollack, Frisco

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