Neil Eldridge: Bad solution in Dillon |

Neil Eldridge: Bad solution in Dillon

Neil Eldridge
Sacramento, Calif.

I live in Sacramento, Calif. and I am a friend of several residents at the Dillon Yacht Club. I was lucky enough to have spent a week visiting them this past February and enjoyed the wonderful skiing, dining and entertainment your town has near. While staying with them at Dillon Yacht Club, I did the walk to the Town of Dillon public parking lot to park my rental car, and it is indeed a dangerous walk at night in the dead of winter. I almost slipped and fell several times on the icy sidewalks and streets. I am flabbergasted that the town council will not even entertain a compromise solution that will ensure that the residents of Dillon Yacht Club have reasonable access to parking at their own homes, while still allowing for a bike path to be created. For them to be forced to walk to that public lot is a serious safety concern, and seems like a terrible solution to what amounts to the installation of a luxury for a group of people that would not lose the right to park at their own homes.

I hope the town council change their views on this issue, and consider a compromise.