Nelson: Gun violence reality, part 2 |

Nelson: Gun violence reality, part 2

Todd Nelson

Re: “Gun violence reality,” by Vincent Capozzella, letters, April 19.

I was wondering about the “recent attempt by 90 percent of the American people to mandate gun laws with a background check. Did they poll all 300 million Americans? That would be the most accurate way to know what Americans want. I expect it was a selected snap shot poll. I would like to clarify that clips feed into a magazine. There is a difference between clips and magazines. Any lifelong hunter should know the difference. This a problem with the general public and elected officials who propose laws – they are uninformed. Now as for the Second Amendment, it is not specific to hunting, shooting or collecting of firearms. It was put in place to protect “we the people,” so to speak, from the government when they get out of control as the British did several hundred years ago. 1776 happened for a reason. As stated in Vincent’s letter, sheriff’s departments around the state will not enforce some laws passed by the state assembly. Laws have always been selectively enforced, this includes federal, state and local laws agencies. I am sure there is a law that says you can not tie your horse up outside a bar on Sunday in Silverthorne that was not enforced at the ODI.

Todd Nelson, Silverthorne

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