New Dem Convention site features content in Spanish |

New Dem Convention site features content in Spanish


DENVER – With the exception of the blogs, the Democratic National Convention Web site will be available in Spanish beginning Tuesday.The goal is to make the convention as “inclusive as possible,” said Chris Ortman, deputy press secretary for the Democratic National Convention Committee.”Clearly there’s a significant portion of the electorate that only speaks Spanish or feels more comfortable reading content in Spanish,” he said.The translation of content into Spanish is part of the relaunch Tuesday of the Democratic National Convention site. Monday, convention officials also announced the event at the Pepsi Center – from Aug. 25 to Aug. 28 – will be broadcast live online.The GOP convention in St. Paul will also be streamed online from beginning to end.Natalie Wyeth, press secretary for the DNCC, said the site “will go miles in involving new people in the convention experience that might otherwise not have an opportunity to participate.”Content on the site was unavailable in Spanish before Tuesday, Wyeth said.

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