New junior hockey team, Breck Bolts, needs host families from August to March |

New junior hockey team, Breck Bolts, needs host families from August to March

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A new junior hockey team, the Breck Bolts, debuts this August and players need host families to provide a roof, bed and support during the seven-month season. To apply or learn more, contact coordinator Wren Arbuthnot at
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A brand-new junior hockey club is coming to town this August, but first, each player needs a roof and a bed.

Beginning this month, coaches with the Breck Bolts — a junior team through Summit Youth Hockey for players between 16 and 20 years old from across the country — started looking for volunteers to house junior players during the upcoming winter hockey season. The season begins Aug. 17-20 with a mini camp, and then officially begins on Aug. 20 with the first day of practice. The season ends in mid-March.

What does it take to be a host family (aka billet family)? Not much, according to coaches. Host families need to provide a room for each player, including a bed and closet space, along with three meals per day. The team gives each family a $400 stipend per player, per month for food expenses, although the players aren’t required to eat every meal with the family. If they don’t — say, during away games or over the weekend — they have to let the family know. They’ll also travel home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so hosting a player won’t derail any holiday plans. In return, host famiies get season tickets for everyone in the residence and discounted tickets for friends and family throughout the season.

What should host families expect from players? Plenty. Along with personal items — bed and bath linens, personal care items, cellphones and transportation — they’re also expected to be good role models for everyone in the family, especially children. The best host families tend to be hockey fans (of course) with young hockey players who can benefit from an older mentor.

Interested? Coaches are currently taking applications for host families across the county. After applying, a club coach or official will visit the family house to check things out and provide the required paperwork. After approval, officials provide a final, detailed list of items for host families and players, and then it’s time to welcome the players on Aug. 20. Keep reading the Summit Daily in August for a feature on the new team.

To apply or find out more, contact billet coordinator Wren Arbuthnot at 720-244-2287 or

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