New lawsuit filed against BP in royalty dispute |

New lawsuit filed against BP in royalty dispute

DURANGO ” Having already agreed to a $233 million settlement of a royalty dispute with 4,500 people, BP America has been sued again by the same lawyer who handled the earlier case.

In the first case, which took 11 years to settle, 6th Judicial District Judge David Dickinson ruled the company had underpaid royalties on coal-bed methane gas in La Plata and Archuleta counties by wrongfully deducting a production cost. BP in December agreed to the settlement.

Lawyer Bob Miller, who won the settlement, filed a new suit on April 14, the Durango Herald reported. It is on behalf of several hundred people who had been excluded from the first suit, Perry v. Amoco. “The factual and legal issues in this case appear to be the same as were litigated in Perry v. Amoco, Miller said.

Charles Armgardt, one of the lawyers representing BP, declined to comment.

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