New machine promotes health at Breck spa |

New machine promotes health at Breck spa


Come experience the V.I.B.E. machine on Feb. 19 at Reverseage Spa at 100 N. Main St. in Breckenridge. The V.I.B.E. promotes gentle yet deep detoxification and cellular regeneration (re-programming). It has long-term positive effects, as it automatically eliminates “unwanted vibrations” inside your body. The V.I.B.E. is an energy device that brings up the amplitude of the vibration frequency of the cells in the body. This encourages the body to heal itself.Connie Ricotta Rogers has been in the business now for 30 years. She has a background as a Certified Cosmetologist, Holistic Health Counselor, member of the board of Drugless Practitioners, and has taken the intrafitt course balancing food with exercise controlling cravings addressing low or high blood sugar levels.For more information, call (970) 471-2094.

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