New ski and bike service shop opens in Summit Cove |

New ski and bike service shop opens in Summit Cove

Andy Demaline and Austin Adams work in their new store location, The Cove Bike & Ski, after years of running the business out of Demaline's garage.
Photo by Taylor Sienkiewicz /

DILLON — A new ski and bike shop, The Cove Bike & Ski, has opened in Summit Cove. While owner Andy Demaline has been operating the business out of his garage since 2017, the shop officially moved into its new building a few weeks ago.

Demaline, who moved to Colorado in 2002, said his first job was at a ski and bike shop and that he has stuck with it ever since. He brought bike mechanic and ski technician Austin Adams onto his team last summer. 

“This year, we got so busy to where we kind of outgrew the garage and realized that we needed to get into a space, and the timing worked out that this place became available,” Demaline said. 

Demaline said he took over a lease Aug. 1 at 40 Cove Blvd., Unit B-1, in Dillon, which is next to the Pour House and Cala Pub and Restaurant.

Demaline said The Cove Bike & Ski is primarily a service shop that takes on everything from minor repairs up through full overhauls and suspension services for bikes. During ski season, the shop will perform routine services like waxes and edge replacements on skis and snowboards as well as major repairs. The shop also provides different levels of tunes for bikes and skis. While retail isn’t the focus of The Cove Bike & Ski, the shop will sell small parts along with tires and brake pads. Some food items also are available for people to take with them on the bike trails or ski slopes.

The Cove Bike & Ski’s specialty is suspension work for bikes. Although bike shops around town will do bike tunes and other work, Demaline said full overhauls are harder to find and that people often have to ship or bring their bikes somewhere else to be worked on.

Now that it has a storefront, Demaline said The Cove Bike & Ski receives a lot more foot traffic and has benefited from the visibility. He noted that the retail aspect will be a change for the business, but said it’s business as usual on the service side with some added legitimacy from the storefront. Demaline said that before the store, information about his business was spread through word of mouth. Now, he said he is gaining customers as people walk or drive by. Still, Demaline said about 99% of his customers are locals. 

“We’ve only been here for two weeks, and I’d say we probably have four to five people a day that walk by. Even people that live in the Cove had no idea that I was ever in business,” Demaline said.

Adams, who has worked for Demaline for several years now including a previous gig at Sports Authority, said he enjoys taking apart mountain bikes to work on. He noted that with the surge in interest in bikes this summer, the two have had to be on top of ordering parts because some have been hard to track down.

While The Cove Bike & Ski is still getting established as a service shop, Demaline said he can ultimately see the shop putting out a small fleet of demos for skis and bikes.

The Cove Bike & Ski is located at 40 Cove Blvd., Unit B-1, in Dillon.
Photo by Taylor Sienkiewicz /

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