Nics Jacob: Mixed-up politics |

Nics Jacob: Mixed-up politics

Mr. Gordon, I do hope your letter was satirical. Otherwise, I’m afraid to say that you have some very mixed up politics. You say if we listen to the liberals, many Americans would lose jobs.

If we used renewable energy, had healthy diets, reduced our armed forces, eliminated greed, exercised and got healthy, balanced our national budget and reduced the size of our government, Americans would lose jobs. But there would also be a huge market that those Americans could easily join. For example, if the petroleum worker lost his job because of more efficient energy sources being used, he could get a job in the same field he lost his job in.

Also, it is very unlikely that overnight any of these things would happen. More likely is that this would progress slowly.

Mr.. Gordon, you also realize that this is a capitalist system. If there is a better substitute for something, the consumer will buy it. It may not always seem fair, but that’s how capitalism works. I am assuming you are conservative by your letter, and most conservatives (and liberals for that matter) I know think that the capitalist system is superior to socialism and communism.

Also, there are two points in your article that made me wonder on where you are getting your information from. According to you, liberals want to “reduce the size of our government.” Really? I thought conservatives believed in small government! I thought liberals were accused of trying to increase the size of our government? The second point is that pharmaceuticals and medical workers won’t be out of work because we lead healthier lifestyles. There will still be car accidents, genetic disorders and many more unfortunate things that will keep our medical professionals more than busy.

I am sure many conservatives have good, well-thought points against liberals. Unfortunately, this letter contained none of those points.

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