Nightlife is what attracts young adults to Breck, not skiing |

Nightlife is what attracts young adults to Breck, not skiing

So now that all of you old farts have read and seen the ad touting Breck’s seemingly superior nightlife, you feel as though it will ruin our town’s lily-white image?

Well, I am here to tell you folks, most people my age (21-30) are NOT coming here for the mountain on their breaks – oh no.

They are coming for the nightlife. To paraphrase a great movie, skiing is not about skiing, it’s about partying. If skiing around here (Breck) “was” about skiing, then we would all be somewhere where the tourists weren’t (don’t kid yourselves).

So far, I have heard people say the advertisement in question is demoralizing, a corporate noose around the town’s neck, which has “aided and abetted the moral decay of America.”

I hate to break it to the moral majority of Breck, but those of us who are going to or went to college and saw the ad thought it was funny.

It would have made people of my age bracket (note no lame generation tag applied here) all over the country say: “Hmm, although the terrain and snow are better in Utah, I hear that the nightlife in Summit County is kick-ass.

Maybe we can have a hell of a good time in that town, and yeah, do a little skiing. Let’s book our rooms there!” Another facet of this argument being overlooked by the Breck moral majority is where the ad was going to be run – not in grandpa’s Ski Country, not in grandma’s Ski magazine, but in publications that upwardly mobile people in my current age bracket subscribe to, or would find on their friend’s coffee tables, or would purchase just prior to flying to one of their many weekly destinations for work.

Even the downwardly mobile, or nonmobile people in my age bracket would have seen it, and believe it or not, they have money to spend here, too.

What you all are getting at is, if the tourists aren’t Texas oil tycoons (and lots of “em), the town doesn’t need “em!

I and the rest of my age bracket are here to tell you we will be dictating the market soon, if not already, and if you drive us away now – when and why will we ever want to come back?

You can be sure it won’t be because the town opened another leather store, or because Peaks 6 and 5 will be showcasing some sweet new green and blue runs in 2015.

It will be because Breck will be hosting a knock-down, drag-out winter street festival complete with LA underground music acts fused with the latest in punk rock with libations supplied by New Belgium, Pabst and Jack Daniel’s – with jib contests all down Main Street – all to happen sometime in the next 20 years.

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