Niki Davis: In praise of an amazing boss |

Niki Davis: In praise of an amazing boss

We don’t always get to meet amazing people. I did. I got to work for one, and Summit County is about to lose two of them. I only hope you were as lucky as I am to meet George Osborne and his wife, Maggie.

I was catching up with the girls when you walked in and asked if I came to get my old job back. I pounced on the opportunity immediately to work for you again. That was eight years ago and I’ll never regret it. I was 18, pregnant and engaged, but that didn’t change your mind.

I started as a secretary. Then you offered to pay for my classes and get me licensed! I was going to come back from maternity leave as a mother, wife and full-time employee. I was going to be making a salary and have benefits!

I watched you and how you treated clients and did my best to do the same. I caught on quickly and loved it. Anytime I had a question I came in and asked you and you would always take time to answer my question no matter how busy you were.

“We’ll see you when we see you,” was the response we would get when we couldn’t make it in for whatever drama. (I know you think I was snowboarding.) You would take the time to listen and advise whatever the situation was too.

You even attended my second wedding! I can’t believe I didn’t get a dance in with you or Maggie. I did have lots of fun with you both, though. You and Maggie definitely have an extra touch to make it special.

You treated us all like daughters. Especially come Christmas time. It didn’t seem like an “office Christmas party” when we came to your home but more like a family Christmas. There were presents for everyone from everyone and a fabulous dinner. Everyone dressed up because we could and that’s the only time you didn’t wear jeans. I’ll never forget those.

Bottom line is you are an amazing person. You were an amazing boss and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to work for you and learn from you. I only hope that I can be the insurance agent you are some day. I just wish I could put all of this on a Christmas ornament so you and Maggie can remember me and my family and how I feel about you both every year when you put your Christmas tree up.

I wish you both the best of luck in the future and hope you a lifetime of happiness in your new home. Congratulations on retirement. It brings tears to many to see you leave (I didn’t realize how hard it would be) but a smile as well to know that you are now on the ultimate vacation. I will never forget you and will strive to be “just like George.” I may be working for the enemy at Farmers Insurance and all the way over in Breck but I hope to carry on everything you taught me. It’s not the name of the company anyway; it’s how well you are treated by the agent? See, I did learn something.

Good luck in the casinos and life and hopefully we will be lucky enough to run into you sometime. Thank you and good-bye.

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