Nitro beer is emerging as a new craft beer frontier |

Nitro beer is emerging as a new craft beer frontier

John Frank
The Denver Post
A Nitro Beer from Left Hand Brewing
POST_UPLOAD | The Denver Post

LONGMONT — Pour a Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout, and prepare for a mesmerizing experience.

The tiny nitrogen bubbles trapeze through the glass, flying from the bottom to the top and cascading down the side again in an endless show.

The first sip continues to defy beer logic. A creamy foam sets the stage for a silky smooth flavor of chocolate, coffee and roasted grains that delicately coat the mouth.

The nitro effect is designed to mimic cask beer or real ale, which traditionally is served without forced carbonation and at warmer temperatures. It changes the aroma, flavor and mouth-feel of a beer.

It is otherworldly, compared with drinking a carbonated beer, and the style is the new frontier for craft beer enthusiasts. It’s an ode to the historical cask beers and a sign of innovation.

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