No benefits from Home Depot |

No benefits from Home Depot

Point 1: Lots of money for various perks? Folks, where do you think this money is coming from? Don’t you think that Home Depot knows exactly how much profit they will be taking out of our town, as more than 50 percent of the money taken in by a national retailer leaves the community. Do you actually think Home Depot is going to give that money to the Town without some type of string (very big rope!) attached? Home Depot will only show its other hand when the negotiations get started. Point 2: 1.2 million in sales taxes? A gross amount, not a net amount. How much will that number be decreased by the businesses that go out of business and stop paying sales taxes because of Home Depot? How much will that number be decreased by the cost to reconfigure the Highway 9, Meadow Drive and Lusher Court intersection? Point 3: Job Creation? You must be kidding! According to our local Colorado Work Force, there are more jobs available then there are people to fill them. And a Home Depot full-time starting salary is about $22,000 year. Try living off that in Summit County.Point 4: The 9.4 acres originally came into the hands of Frisco through a transaction that left a restriction that the land was to be used for education (a school) and was zoned as parks and recreation. Later the town fathers changed the zoning to its current status. So it was not originally purchased for commercial use. Check the records.Point 5: An ugly eyesore? Maybe if the town stopped using it as a dump it wouldn’t be so bad looking. And just how attractive will a Home Depot be even with four-sided architecture? I would much rather look at the changing aspen and wetlands, than a very large and ugly box. Imagine if it was turned into something attractive.Point 6: These are just some of the financial issues around the Home Depot. They do not address the many inaccuracies being presented around the damage to the environment that this structure will cause.Point 7: Who is the largest contributor to the pro Home Depot camp? The developer, who doesn’t live here and will leave with his money when the project is completed. I encourage you to vote “No” on Home Depot.

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