No justice for Dale Tuel |

No justice for Dale Tuel

W. Gerald Bird Jr., Frisco

Yes, the DA’s office dropped charges against Dale Tuel. Not because they believe him innocent, but because they believe they can’t win.That is what our justice system has become, not about justice tempered with mercy, but about winning or losing and how much justice one can afford.The Breckenridge police arrested Mr. Tuel by either not interviewing the alleged victim or ignoring her story that nothing happened altogether. They then shackled him like a dog, and despite what they say, they virtually tried, judged and convicted Dale on the spot.Then of course, the town fired Dale and discouraged him to pursue his life, further trashing the man who has worked 15-hour days to bring a decent recreation program to all ages of this community for many years.That any Tom, Dick or Harry can make a hyper-sensitive driven allegation against whomever<an allegation that those who teach sexual harassment courses warn against in their courses<is an abomination and a huge miscarriage of justice.Dale’s life has been trashed<emotionally, physically and financially. He still doesn’t know what hit him. Will Dale receive justice? If the town of Breckenridge apologizes publicly, if the town offers Dale his position back without prejudice, if the town compensates Dale for his lost wages and if the town assists Dale in paying his attorney fees, that would be a good start.None of this will happen of course. All of the principles involved in this farce will slither under their respective rocks to rationalize what they did was right to continue to believe Dale was guilty, but it just couldn’t be proven.I guess the presumption of innocence is just another casualty in this politically correct world of everyone is responsible for everything<with the exception of powers that be.Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

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