No more tattoo shops in Granby? |

No more tattoo shops in Granby?

Grand County correspondent

GRANBY ” When Christy Helming, owner of Wild West Tattoo, first heard of a possible ordinance in Granby that would restrict future tattoo parlors to certain zoning districts in town, she didn1t mince words.

“You gotta be kidding me. I live in America,” Helming said.

On Tuesday night, Granby Mayor Ted Wang asked the town attorney to draft an ordinance that could require future pawn shops and tattoo parlors to take their business away from the main street of Granby. The ordinance was in response to concerns by constituents who feel pawn shops and tattoo parlors give Granby a negative image, Wang said.

“I’ve had people who live in town come to me and say they’re concerned about (having) a whole bunch of pawn shops and tattoo parlors on (main) street. They don’t think it presents a good image,” Wang said.

The proposed ordinance does not ban those types of businesses, Wang stressed, and it does not affect Granby’s current tattoo shop, Wild West Tattoo, or the Rocky Mountain Trading Post, Granby1s only pawn shop, which is going out of business.

Granby’s board of trustees will have a public hearing on the proposed ordinance in the next month. A date for the hearing has not been determined. Helming fully intends to be there.

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