No questioning the metals danger in mag chloride |

No questioning the metals danger in mag chloride

The Feb. 26 headline answered all question in my mind regarding magnesium chloride mixtures. There’s some question about mag chloride’s widespread environmental effect, but I won’t address that here.

On the other hand, there’s no question about hazardous effects of other compounds in the mixture – arsenic, mercury, lead, cyanide and cadmium. The mine waste problems here make that painfully clear.

In my opinion, air pollution testing wasted our money in this case. Don’t heavy metals take the trophies for “least likely to fly”? Now that it’s been established, though, why waste money testing anything else? There is no reason to quantify the detrimental effects, only to mitigate them and stop further pollution.

There’s no need for discussion. It’s obvious where it ends up: in precisely the same watersheds into which public and private funds have poured to partially clean up these same chemicals. The suggestion they either disappear, have no effect, or remain on roads is preposterous.

Safety’s not only the responsibility of the Colorado Department of Transportation, as some people think. This simply justifies applying the cheapest and dirtiest crap to our environment. We can easily end the need for these “safety measures” by being safer ourselves.

Tailgating, or following too closely for conditions, is the most negligent choice in snow, and illegal. This should be much more strictly enforced, and there should be big signs.

Additionally, tires, your connection to the road, are the most important part of your car. Snow tires, preferably studded, make massive differences in controlling and braking any type vehicle, Ferrari to Kenworth, on snow and ice.

Finally, to protect clueless visitors, speed limits should be reduced when conditions are bad. Programmable signs would do a good job of announcing reduced speed limits. Car rental agencies also should be required to install snow tires during winter.

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