No research supports intelligent design |

No research supports intelligent design

Paul Barry

I liked Andrew Gmerek’s column on the creationists in Kansas, and after reading Mark Hill’s response, I needed to say this.

Evolution is not a faith-based concept, it is a fact. (I worked on DNA and bacterial evolution as a graduate student, and I used the scientific method. Faith didn’t work.)

There are many abundant transitional fossils, and genetics and DNA research show us that evolution did occur. Don’t take my word for it, go to a library and look it up.

Or better yet take some biology classes. If you happened to read the paper a few days ago you would have read about Falcarius utahensis, a newly discovered dinosaur, and yes, yet another transitional fossil.

The study of abiogenesis is the science that deals with how life was created on earth. It may be impossible to recreate the origins of life, or the origin of the universe, but as any ninth-grader can tell you, you’re not going to learn anything if you don’t try.

Mark states “… the furtherance of mathematics and computation (show) statistical impossibilities within random evolution.”

What the …? Evolution is a nonrandom process driven by natural selection. Some aspects of evolution are random, like DNA point mutations, but not evolution itself.

The modern scientists you mention who don’t accept “unintentional evolution,” whatever that means, are all on record as having a political-religious agenda, and want it in taught in schools. Guess which religion.

They are in a vanishingly small minority. Almost all biologists agree that evolution occurred.

Mark, you are right about one thing, intelligent design is most certainly faith-based.

There are no ID laboratories, no ID research being done and really no theory behind it except this: “Everything we don’t understand was done by an1 intelligent designer” and “There are some things wrong with evolution.”

Should we teach this faith-based non-theory in our biology classes in Colorado? Sure, if we want to become a scientific backwater.

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