No spork-shanks in jail, please |

No spork-shanks in jail, please

Up Against the Wall appears biweekly. All accounts are rewritten from Summit County law enforcement agency logs. Names are withheld for privacy; individuals are assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

While conducting a routine face count at the jail, a sheriff’s deputy looking through the cells noticed a bit of contraband. An inmate had sharpened a plastic fork-spoon utensil to give it a sharp edge on both sides.

Using an interpreter, the deputy independently interviewed the two inmates occupying the cell. The first inmate said it wasn’t his spork. The second inmate said the spork was his, but he had only sharpened it to mark it as his. He was, however, aware that it could be used as a weapon and that such weapons are not allowed, according to the Sheriff’s Office report.

The deputy charged the inmate with first-degree introduction of contraband.


Frisco’s going to the dogs

Animal control calls for March in Frisco nearly doubled over the same period last year. Frisco officers responded to 15 animal-at-large calls (including one cat). Animal calls resulted in 16 citations and seven warnings during the period.

In addition, according to Frisco’s monthly police report, officers issued 104 traffic citations, made three felony arrests and 28 misdemeanor arrests (including 16 DUIs) and responded to 295 calls for service in March.


Pro wrasslin’ sistahs

A Breckenridge officer was alerted to a fight in progress at Breckenridge Terrace and stopped one person involved as she fled the scene. According to the officer’s report, the young woman was visibly distraught and crying.

The woman told the officer two female roommates (sisters) had gone crazy, attacking her and a male friend. The three women had argued the night before about the apartment door being locked and the other two roommates having the only key, she said.

The woman said she was having dinner with her friend in the bedroom when one roommate came in and dumped food in her lap. The other female roommate came in and dumped food on the man’s lap. The male friend confronted the women, which prompted one “crazy” woman to start throwing beer bottles at him, and the other roommate hit him in the back of the head with a bottle.

The reporting woman and her friend retreated to the bedroom, but the sisters continued to threaten them. One woman asked, “Don’t you want some wine with your food?” and threw a full wine glass at the man. The man then physically confronted the two women and then left.

The three women continued to have at it. The reporting woman went back to her bedroom, but one of the sisters took a mirror off the wall and began to hit her with it. After the mirror broke, the sister continued to attack with the mirror frame.

The conflict devolved even further to kicking and hair-pulling, and the victimized woman said there were even two male friends of the roommates watching it all in shock.

Once the officer and a sergeant reached the apartment, they heard a similar story from the male witnesses. The apartment was locked, but the girl gave the officer permission to use a ladder to get in through the balcony. The roommates were gone. The officer took pictures of the scene and left a message for the women.

The women finally showed up at the police station with their father, where they were charged with assault, menacing with a deadly weapon and harassment.

P.S. It’s been fightin’ time in Breckenridge: 10 assaults reported in the past two weeks.


Here to help

A Silverthorne restaurant manager called police reporting a loitering man who didn’t have any money. No, it’s not a crime to be poor – apparently, just cause for worry.

A police officer contacted the man, who said he was driving from California to his sister’s house in Aurora but his vehicle broke down on the way to the Eisenhower Tunnel. He said he had enough gas to get to his sister’s, just not enough to fix the car. His sister was unable to come get him, he said.

The officer gave the man a voucher for a Greyhound bus ticket to Aurora and gave him a ride to the bus station in Frisco.


The most embarrassing DWAI ever

A Silverthorne officer stopped a man after he cut through the Texaco parking lot to Tanglewood Lane (a prohibited maneuver). The man told the officer he knew it was illegal, but did it because it was easier. The officer noticed signs of intoxication and asked the man how much he’d had to drink. “Not much,” the man replied.

After failing the How Drunk Are You Really? roadside tests, the man went to the police station where he blew a .084 breath-alcohol level (enough for a DWAI).

The officer issued the man a summons and released him – to his girlfriend’s father.

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