No to Home Depot |

No to Home Depot

Just a few thoughts on why a Home Depot is not right for Frisco:- True, it’s not a beautiful piece of land, but a large box there will essentially define Frisco as “that town with the Home Depot” much the way our neighbor to the east became “FactoryThorne.” Do we really want to be “Frisco Depot”?- The best service in the world on the part of businesses who would be impacted by the national chain can’t compete with the human tendency to get things at a lower price – especially when the cost of fuel and housing continues to rise. Why, then, should the town be the instrument of doom for businesses that have been a part of our community for many years?- There’s another Home Depot 30 miles away in Avon, meaning there will be no draw from the west. Tax dollars may not be what they think. (Note, though, the way the developer there effectively masked the big box from the highway through the use of berms and hillsides.)- Don Sather, whose proposed development on the property would be much more in keeping with the spirit of the town, has been a member of the Summit County community for decades. While the needs of the town and its citizens outweigh past philanthropy on Sather’s part, this is a factor that seems to have received little attention. If Home Depot’s “community commitment” is on par with the meager offerings of a chain like Wal-Mart, we can expect little in return besides the sales tax revenue and a few token chips thrown in up front in exchange for big concessions from the town.- Town officials, and not just in Frisco, need to start getting more creative about funding instead of simply returning to the sales tax trough with bigger and bigger chain stores.- At what point does Frisco start to resemble a strip of Arvada or Thornton rather than a rural resort town? “Honey, we’re getting away to the mountains! Oh, yuck, a Home Depot. Let’s go to Aspen.”- Finally, with Frisco mostly built-out, who needs a bazillion square feet of building supplies anyway?

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