Nobody wants to do anything about illegal immigrants in our midst |

Nobody wants to do anything about illegal immigrants in our midst

I don’t think that reporter Reid Williams’ Sept. 19 article “Summit’s Hispanic population growing fast” surprised anyone.

If someone did not know this, they have not been out of the house much. I don’t think many people would be surprised either to learn that the majority of these people are here illegally.

Please note that I am not saying that all Hispanics here are illegal or that all illegals are Hispanic. I don’t want to be accused of racism.

What bothers me is that nothing is being done to get the illegal aliens from whatever country out of here.

It appears that your newspaper has lots of room to cover recycling bins at the post offices but not much for such an important topic as this.

There are many angles to do a good story: Why don’t our law enforcement people turn them over to immigration when they identify them? Why do our local politicians seem to want to help the scumbags that hire illegal aliens?

These scumbags are responsible for several hundred deaths a year when people try to get here to apply for their jobs. Why does CMC provide free English classes for illegal aliens? Would we have had to have a new elementary school in Silverthorne if we did not have illegals here?

Why don’t the employers bother going through the right channels and getting legal temporary help? Why does our government think that the Al Qaeda does not exist south of our border?

What is the additional cost of our health care because illegals are here? How do they work without Social Security cards as I understand that most do not even bother to get forged ones anymore? (Pay taxes – right!)

Why should the average citizen pay higher taxes to subsidize scumbags who want an edge on good, honest American employers?

Funny, but I just received a flyer from a group supporting Amendment 33 to create more jobs. I guess these folks have not been out of the house.

Let me also mention the fact that a country that does not enforce the laws it enacts is not a very good country. Hey, can I ignore the IRS? 

Lest you think there is no interest in this subject, I know better. Several months ago I gave a copy of Michelle Malkin’s book, “Invasion” to the Frisco library and it has been checked out almost constantly since then.

Gerald Dobert

Summit Cove

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