Not that incredible |

Not that incredible

Maybe my problem with “The Incredibles” is I didn’t identify enough with the scenes.The main one I related to occurs in the beginning when the superhero complains about the chaos of the world, saying, “I just cleaned up this place. Can’t you keep it clean for 10 minutes?” But even that doesn’t stick because I’m pretty messy myself (just ask my publisher about my desk).”The Incredibles” delivers good, solid entertainment; it just doesn’t rank as one of my favorites.

I love Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.,” “Finding Nemo” and “A Bug’s Life,” perhaps because they portray a world mostly unrelated to humans. I’m not as enthralled with “Toy Story” installments because I find my own imagination of my dolls’ secret lives more interesting than Pixar’s stories about toys sold before my generation.”The Incredibles” ranks equally with “Toy Story” in my book. Most people will probably love it. I liked it, but overall, I feel lukewarm about recommending it.It’s the longest computer-generated animation film to date, the only one to use only human characters and the first Pixar film to rate PG instead of G.

I think it’s a little too long and uses too many human elements, though the PG-rated action violence doesn’t bother me – I’d risk taking Dan’s mom to the movie because those kids can fend for themselves.I’ve laughed more watching other Pixar films, but I have to give “The Incredibles” credit for its depth.The beefy cartoon comments on the loss of life’s passion, the struggle to remain true to oneself despite the world’s criticism, mid-life crises, teenage angst and general mediocrity in American culture. It even uses symbolism: When teenage superhero Violet can’t use her powers of invisibility, she hides by covering her face with her hair and acting like a shrinking violet at school.Between social commentary, the film inserts spoofs on other superhero stories, folding in an eccentric but sensible superhero fashion designer who refuses to sew a suit with a cape because it’s unsafe.

In the end, it underscores family values and the idea of staying true to yourself not quite as fast as a speeding bullet but stronger than a locomotive.Then again, so did “Finding Nemo” in a much more colorful way, and it didn’t overrate itself by ending with an obvious setup for a sequel.Kimberly Nicoletti is busy creating messes for the superheros in “The Incredibles 2” to clean up.

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