Nothin’ but a party |

Nothin’ but a party

Jeff Shibley

Jane Stebbins recent Commentary (I’m A S Republican? July 31, 2002, Summit Daily) leaves me bewildered. It started with such promise. I eagerly read how she stressed she was making a huge sacrifice to become a Republican so she could vote for her buddy. It was such a big deal to her that she became nauseous at the initial thought. I anticipated reading about her friend’s beliefs and learning why Stebbins was primed to get sick to cast one vote for her unnamed Republican “friend.”

Instead, Stebbins chose to spend her space stereotyping a group of people (Republicans) in the same way a homophobe, racist or sexist would describe a group of people they had differences with. Let’s face it, either you stereotype or you don’t.

Instead of delivering a message of substance, Stebbins opts to spend her space spewing rhetoric, calling names and promoting division in a way that wasn’t even entertaining – if that was her goal – and certainly not educational. The scary thing is this is her Republican buddy she’s talking about. If I were her friend, I’d say thanks, but keep your #$%@ vote.

Or the candidate could say thanks as Stebbins attempt to belittle Republicans falls short at a time when Republicans are easy prey on current issues. In fact, I believe the Republican Party owes Stebbins a big thank you.

The message she really delivers is, “Listen up kids; do you want to be an overworked, poor, bitter journalist? I didn’t think so. Join the party, the Republican Party that is. If you’re not a Republican, you’ll miss out on all the good things like brandy, cigars, jet trips to vacation homes and yachts. Yep, all you have to do is be a Republican then you can worry about important things like your lawn. And let’s not forget, you’ll be more informed too as you’ll broaden your reading to include the Wall Street Journal!”

According Stebbins, if I’m a Republican I’ll have more money, more time to spend it on stupid things and I’ll be smarter? Is that really what she thinks? Well, if that’s all it takes, sign me up too.

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