Now, what do supporters of the Iraqi war think? |

Now, what do supporters of the Iraqi war think?

Tom Schorr - Frisco

Now that we have “won” the war I am sure all the pro-war letter writers are comfortable with their pre-war view point.

I still disagree with the decision to bomb Iraq. Containment was working with Saddam. We have not found Osama or Saddam, and so what if we do?

The violence and hatred toward the United States will not stop. Many Iraqi citizens died or were wounded for life in the bombings. In Baghdad, the water and streets are unsafe.

Electricity and food are scarce. Some 158 government ministry buildings are now rubble along with their records and cultural heritage.

The Iraqi social system is gone and people are on the brink of civil war. Resistance to U.S. occupation is growing and Islamic fighters are returning to Iraq.

We found no weapons of mass destruction or Iraqi link to al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is still operating and terrorism is on the rise in the Middle East, Indonesia and many other places. We are fighting a guerrilla war in Afghanistan (just like the Soviets did, and lost) and now in Iraq.

Our soldiers are dying every day. North Korea admits to having nuclear weapons. China also has them. They both have nasty dictatorships, not unlike Iraq had. Iran and others are racing to get nukes so they have a bargaining chip and cannot be bullied.

When do we bomb and occupy all of them? The U.S., even with its awesome military power, cannot and should not attempt to set world policy by force alone.

Peace is the long and difficult road, but much less expensive in terms of money and lives. People who have nothing to lose can be persuaded into giving their lives for martyrdom easier than those who do not live in poverty.

Israel uses the same oppressive tactics on the Palestinians that the Bush administration has decided to use on the whole world. If Israel cannot control two small pieces of land by force with our immense backing, how can we expect to control the world in the same manner?

Can you see the irony in forcing other nations to think our way in the name of freedom? With this letter I am soliciting intelligent, thoughtful responses from pro-war letter-writers and anyone else who may help me understand that point of view.

I would especially like to hear from Clarke Evans, who wrote before the war that he considers me more scary than any terrorist group or rogue dictator.

I am still peacefully patriotic and pray for the troops and citizens caught up in this tragedy every day. Yes, I realize our military cannot pull out now. We must clean up our own mess.

Maybe some of my concerns would be eased if the pro-war majority would share its ideas as to why this war was necessary, and what do we do about the other nations who disagree with us and have nukes.

Where do we go from here?

Tom Schorr


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